Plant Life Extension

Plant Life EXtension (PLEX) Services

An insight into Plant Life Extension (PLEX)

Plant Life Extension (PLEX)Plant Life Extension involves reviewing existing plant by examining its condition and checking if it is acceptable to current codes and standards, therefore supporting continued use and ultimately the plants safety. Our consultants have proven experience in extending the design life of plant, equipment and piping systems.

Our approach to PLEX

Once non-intrusive wall thickness checks have been carried out, Design Stress Ltd. staff will review the plant visual examination and NDT measurements, backed by computer based analysis methods. On completion of the plant reviews a comprehensive (Engineering Substantiation) report will be generated which will give precise predictions of the expected plant-life of equipment or piping systems.

Benefits of using us

– We are highly qualified and professionally Chartered Engineers, some of our Engineers are Dual Chartered and qualified to PhD level.

– We specialise in those jobs that are too small for you to recruit a full-time engineer, therefore you are getting quality within a budget.

– Speed: our primary goal is two-fold, quality followed by speed of delivery.

– Value for money: a fixed priced, so no surprises afterwards.