Piping Engineering

An insight into Industrial Piping Engineering.

Piping Engineering examplePiping engineering is about developing efficient piping processes to safely transport duty across an industrial facility. An efficient and safe piping system begins with an intelligent design; providing a piping process that controls the pressure, load, flow rate and temperature of the transmitted fluid or gas.

Everything from piping material to layout to in-line fittings, valves and pipe supports must be designed to meet the appropriate codes and standards. At Design Stress Ltd. our consultants have proven experience in Lead Piping Engineer roles in several large UK projects (worth over £200m). We have the ability to drive teams of designers and engineers to produce 3D models of building piping layouts, plant and equipment from which DPDs (Design Proposal Drawings) & General Arrangement drawings are produced.

Our Piping Engineering Service

Our expertise covers:

  • Full piping material specifications
  • Pipe line sizing
  • P&ID reviews
  • Line list according to P&ID
  • Flange verification
  • Pump sizing and selection
  • Layout of supports taking cognisance of span limits
  • Bespoke pipe supports
  • Wall thickness and structural calculations
  • Lagging & cladding selection and thicknesses
  • Recommendations for NDT
  • Design verification
  • Failure investigations
  • Plant life extension

Benefits of using us

– We are highly qualified and professionally Chartered Engineers, some of our Engineers are Dual Chartered and qualified to PhD level.

– We specialise in those jobs that are too small for you to recruit a full-time engineer, therefore you are getting quality within a budget.

– Speed: our primary goal is two-fold, quality followed by speed of delivery.

– Value for money: a fixed priced, so no surprises afterwards.