Pipe Stress Analysis

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An insight into our Pipe Stress Analysis!

Pipe Stress Analysis Software

Flexibility Analysis or better known as Pipe Stress Analysis is the “black art” in mechanical engineering. It is NOT finite element analysis (FEA) but an advanced version of ‘Stick & Beam Theory’ using analysis tools such as, AutoPIPE Bentley or CAESAR II softwares. If you don’t allow for thermal expansion, pressure, dead weight, water/steam hammer, creep, fatigue or corrosion of steel pipes, these pipes will rupture and fail, the question is not “if”, but “when”?

At Design Stress Ltd., we have a combined team experience of over 110 years solving stress-related issues for clients across many industries including nuclear, defence (submarines), new build, oil & gas, process plant and renewable energy. It is this breadth of experience that enables us to identify potential difficulties and solve problems cost effectively.

Our Approach to Pipe Stress Analysis

To ensure our clients get the most cost effective solution, the preferred commercial software we NOW use is AutoPIPE Bentley; from which we can stress and analyse huge piping systems to nearly all ASME and British Standards (BS). All our work is supported with full comprehensive Stress Analysis Reports and if required by the client, we can also provide Piping Stress Isometrics. Other specialist softwares, such as, CAESAR II software are also used for process and power pipework. We can also specify off-the-shelf pipe supports using our breadth of knowledge and experience of the UK supply chain, and carryout stress hand calculations or finite element analysis (FEA) of bespoke supports using Autodesk Inventor and/or ANSYS Workbench.

Benefits of using Design Stress Ltd.

– We are highly qualified and professionally Chartered Engineers, some of our Engineers are Dual Chartered and qualified to PhD level.

– We specialise in those jobs that are too small for you to recruit a full-time engineer, therefore you are getting quality but within a budget.

– Speed: our primary goal is two-fold, quality followed by speed of delivery.

– Value for money: a fixed priced, so no surprises afterwards.