Heat Exchanger Design

An insight into Heat Exchanger Design

Shell & U-Tube Heat Exchanger DesignMost of our experience in Heat Exchanger Design comes from highly regulated industries, such as: nuclear, defence & process plant. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in designing kettle shaped Evaporators (with external jackets & internal heating coils) and Shell & U-Tube Heat Exchangers made from exotic materials, such as, Inconel 625 alloy.

Our business provides Heat Exchanger Design Services to companies that do not want to maintain a dedicated in-house capability. Design Stress Ltd. staff have strong experience and thorough knowledge of designing heat exchangers to TEMA, PD 5500 and ASME VIII.

Our Heat Exchanger Design Service

The most popular commercial software we use is Finglow software, which is used to only support our design-by-rule code calculations carried out by hand. Finglow does not explicitly cover the requirements of TEMA, therefore our consultants will carry out additional stress hand calculations to cover these code requirements.

We provide full Heat Exchanger Design Packages for manufacturing tender that consist of a Heat Exchanger Mechanical Datasheet (which summarises all heat exchanger design & operating conditions, duty, size, thicknesses, tube pitch, dimensions and weights); Nozzle Schedule (nozzle sizes and positions); Supporting Design Notes (auxiliary requirements); Calculation Sheet (complete breakdown of all stress hand calculations with supporting Finglow calculations); and AutoCAD drawings (c/w with all weld & support details).

Benefits of using us

– We are highly qualified and professionally Chartered Engineers, some of our Engineers are Dual Chartered and qualified to PhD level.

– We specialise in those jobs that are too small for you to recruit a full-time engineer, therefore you are getting quality within a budget.

– Speed: our primary goal is two-fold, quality followed by speed of delivery.

– Value for money: a fixed priced, so no surprises afterwards.